Vertical Integration

At Elevator Controls, our Vertically Integrated Pixel control system includes software, hardware, mounting kits, peripheral connectivity and user interfaces. The Pixel Control System has been engineered to optimize all facets of elevator operation and installation, including the labor hours needed to install the complete control system. The Pixel Vertically Integrated system reduces cost and improves efficiency on every project.

3 Points of Access

Built-in On-Board Diagnostic stations are provided inside the Controller, in the Top-of-Car (TOC) Box, and in the Car Operating Stations. A full-color LCD screen and swift navigation knob keep everything you need right at your fingertips.

Car Positioning

The Landa Absolute Encoded Positioning System’s stainless steel tape and dual non-contact sensor heads provide redundancy for safe, smooth and accurate operation. No hoistway door zone magnets, no slow down or hoistway access limit switches are needed. Setup and adjustments are performed at the On-board Diagnostic Stations, not in the hoistway.

Mounting Brackets, Hardware and More

We provide you with mounting brackets, wire harness, and hardware for the TOC Box and the Landa Positioning System, reducing the need to source parts elsewhere.

Motor & Drive Control

Pixel’s powerful microprocessor calculates and generates an optimum speed curve for every run, based upon user-programmable parameters. Pixel allows you to customize the ride for your desired level of comfort and performance.

Pixel Traveling Cable

Our Pixel Traveling Cable is custom-labeled to match the terminal labeling inside the controller and in the TOC Box, increasing installation efficiency and helping to eliminate installation errors.

Top-of-Car Box

Pixel’s TOC Box includes a Cartop Inspection Station, work light and service outlet, all pre-wired, tested and ready to use. A 6VDC alarm bell is also available. The Pixel TOC Box also serves as the junction box for traveling cable connections.

CANbus Serial Communication

Pixel utilizes CANbus technology for reliable communication, reducing conductor counts and cost in both the traveling cable and hoistway cabling. Pixel provides a plug-and-play Cat5e hall fixture wiring package which connects quickly and minimizes the chance of wiring mistakes.

Operational Platform

The Pixel Control System is a complete solution for your entire portfolio of elevators, available for Traction AC, DC (geared, gearless, MRL) and Hydraulic elevators.