Pixel Traveling Cable

Elevator Controls’ Traveling Cable for Pixel simplifies installation, and saves you time & maintenance costs by preventing installation errors. All of our traveling cable is custom labeled to quickly and easily match Pixel terminal strip labeling. Call us today to order traveling cable with your Pixel controller.

  • Modernization or New Construction
  • Elevator Controls Pixel Controller
Benefits of Pixel Traveling Cable
  • Reduces installation errors and saves time
  • Special cable printing to match Pixel terminal strip labeling
  • Easy installation
  • Save time during installation and maintenance
  • Can be used for front and rear openings
  • Custom labeled Pixel traveler cable for all jobs with standard solid state door operators
  • Single Coaxial Conductor
  • Steel Core Size: 5/32″
  • Breaking Strength: 2800 lbs – Diameter: 1.31″
  • Five 20 AWG Shielded Pairs – Eighteen 18 AWG Wires
  • Six 14 AWG Wires
  • Kellem Grips Available