Pixel Control System

The Pixel Control System comes with the Pixel Car Controller, Top-of-Car Controller, Car Operating Panel Controller, Landa™ positioning system and any hall nodes – all depending on the job requirements.

Powerful yet simple-to-use diagnostic stations are built into each access point, which include capabilities for complete on-site reprogramming of the elevator “Personality” parameters, motor control drive unit parameters, fault diagnostics and event diagnostics play back.

The Pixel Control System utilizes a CAN driven system, a more efficient form of serial communication that allows for future upgrades. This eliminates the extra wire count, decreases cost and saves field labor time.

PM synchronous motor controls is available for gearless and MRL applications, with a variety of encoder interface options, including EnDat and Hyperface.

Touch & Go™ Interface

The LCD graphical user interface allows for easier adjustment and maintenance. The Touch & Go™ interface is the same on all three access points, allowing you to adjust and troubleshoot from various locations.

Three Points of Access

Gain access to the user interface at three locations (controller, top of car, car operating panel) throughout the elevator system for quick and easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.

Landa™ Positioning System

An absolute reading system, the Landa™ positioning system is made up of two complete sensor head units and gives a position accuracy of 32 positions per inch (0.8 mm) throughout the entire hoistway. This positioning system creates a faster installation and less maintenance by eliminating all hoistway vanes and switches. With Landa™, the system always knows where the car is located.