Pixel AC MRL

Complete traction controller solution with a unique form factor for today’s shrinking control spaces

Machine-room-less (MRL) elevators are intended to maximize leasable square footage. That’s why we took the components of our leading Pixel controller and re-engineered them to fit into the tightest of spaces.

The Pixel AC MRL is a complete traction controller solution designed to fit where many controllers will no longer fit. It features a unique, tall-and-slim form factor that’s perfect for all OEM MRL modernization projects (not to mention other non-MRL applications that require traction control in constrained elevator control spaces).

The Pixel AC MRL from Elevator Controls is designed for low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings that feature elevators with geared or gearless traction machines. It comes complete with a main controller, cartop control unit, car operating panel processor, Landa™ Absolute Car Positioning System and all required hall fixture boards, all based on each elevator’s installation requirements.

Easy Installation & Integration

A highly-efficient modernization solution for popular OEM MRLs, but also applicable to non-MRL projects with control space constraints. Includes a TOC-to-COP wiring harness, with conductors labeled to match Pixel connection terminal labels for ease of installation, and to significantly reduce wiring errors. No pull sheet required. Seamless integration with EC’s Web-Interact™ and IDS LiftNet™ monitoring systems.

Easy Maintenance

Advanced technology and software, along with components, wiring, and mounting kits, all engineered to work together to provide labor and material savings on every job. No additional service tools are required at any time. Three points of access (control room, top-of-cab, or in the cab) allow car diagnostics and adjustments to be accessed quickly where the work is being done, providing a safe work environment, convenience, and efficiency.

Easy to Use

The intuitive Touch & Go™ on-board user interface offers a full-color LCD screen that is simple to read, easy to learn, and intuitive to navigate. It is the same platform for all Pixel models (hydro, traction and MRL).

Reduces Installation Costs

Set-and-forget Landa™ Absolute Positioning System is a non-contact cab positioning system that provides exact cab location within the hoistway at all times. Landa™ requires no floor magnet or switch placement, which saves materials and installation time, simplifies adjustments, and promotes safety by reducing the work done in the hoistway.

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