Spotlight On: Pixel – The Game Changer

The company slogan for Elevator Controls Corporation is “Simple, Solid, Supportable” – never has this been more true than it is today with the addition of Pixel to our family of controllers.

Installation and troubleshooting are simplified, yet the information at your fingertips is tremendously increased for the user. The color LCD display screens give you access to information on the car top, in the elevator cab, and in the machine room – all from the same type of display. You can access all the same information from each of these different locations, making troubleshooting a breeze. Pixel will tell you where the trouble spot is, and tips on how to fix it.

The wire count is reduced, yet maintained at a number that will not compromise safety. The wires and terminals are color coded, making installation easy. From the installations completed to date, the time saving has proven to be substantial and training is easy.

The landing system is another feature that saves time and increases efficiency. Landa is an optical landing system, free of magnets and switches. The installers hang a special tape in the hoistway, and the optical reader knows where the car is located at all times with absolute precision.

To make sure that all of the pieces work together properly, a CANbus communication system has been designed into the Pixel system (CAN = Control Area Network). CANbus technology has been proven to work under the most extreme conditions. It can interface with devices and technologies that exist now and ones that are yet to come. CANbus has been used extensively in the automotive industry and is known for its flexibility and adaptability.

The manufacturing of Pixel is also faster and simpler for our Production Team and software updates in the field will be downloaded over the internet, no longer dependent upon the delivery of a chip in the mail. Customizable functions can be modified in the same manner.

Led by Francisco Ortiz, our Pixel development team includes the following people:

  • Emmanual Lee
  • Joshua Ortiz
  • Anitha Kumar
  • Nick Puketza

In addition to this core team, several other employees are also involved in various aspects of development when needed. It is truly a product of which we can be very proud.

Pixel is being installed in several sites – each one giving us more opportunity to perfect performance. The appearance of Pixel is polished and powerful – the performance is that and more. Elevator Controls is ready for the future.

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