Elevator Controls, based in Sacramento, California is a leading manufacturer of Elevator Controls equipment with a proven track record for over 32 years. Elevator Controls is a member of the growing Vantage Elevator Group with regional offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Toronto. Take a look at our listings and send your application today!


When applying for a position, please send your resumé to the email address specified in the job listing, with the name of the job role and the date of your application in the email’s subject field. Your application should include contact details, work experience, and educational qualifications. We highly suggest you also provide a cover letter specifying the position you are applying for, where you explain why you would be the ideal candidate for the job. All documents should have a legible font size, be simply formatted, and submitted in .doc or .pdf format. Any duplicate applications will be ignored.

Please note that we do not accept direct calls by applicants to Elevator Controls to discuss job postings. If we are interested in having a conversation with you, we will contact you by phone or mail and invite you to a series of personal interviews and background checks. Good luck – we hope to hear from you!


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