Model H900

Model H900 hydraulic controller is a field reprogrammable, microprocessor based unit capable of handling both standard and non-standard applications with simplex, duplex and group configuration. The H900 control family is suitable for all hydraulic elevator speeds, most valves and the majority of both freight and passenger elevator door operators. Interfaces for special or unusual valves are also available.

Choice of Starter

Tailor your H900 solution to each special application with Electronic Soft Start, Y-Delta and Across-the-Line starting options.

Microprocessor Board

EC's forward-looking system architecture provides universal backward compatibility. Proven components and technology are always used to ensure years of field reliability.

Optional Built-In Battery Lowering Device

To prevent entrapments under lost power conditions, battery lowering provides backup power to lower the car to the next available landing and open the doors. For most passenger elevators the unit fits inside the control enclosure. For power freight doors the unit is typically mounted externally.

Powerful Control Technology that’s Easy to Use
  • Non-Proprietary
  • A17.1-200x/ B44-0x Safety Code Compliant
  • Standardization
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • Field Reprogrammable "personality parameters"
  • Choose Discrete or Ez-LINK™ serial communication wiring options
  • Works with Interact™ elevator management, analysis and reporting tools
  • Unrestricted Telephone Technical Support for customers
  • Configure any car to function as a simplex, duplex or group