Model V900 AC Type VF-CL & VF-OL

The V900 VF-CL provides solid state power control in a closed-loop system for most geared and gearless elevators with AC motors. Precise speed regulation better than +/- 1% is provided using quadrature encoder feedback and a closed loop drive design.

PM synchronous motor control is available for gearless and MRL applications, with a variety of encoder interface options, including EnDat and Hyperface.

Power line regeneration is available for all V900 AC controllers as an option.

Model V900 Type VF-OL open-loop vector is also available for speeds up to 150 FPM where speed regulation of 2% to 6% is adequate.

Simplified Design Delivers Reliable Code Compliance

A dramatic reduction in the number of relays, discrete parts and consolidation of three PC boards into one makes the V900 system reliable and serviceable. EN 60947-5-1 force guided relays are incorporated to ensure code compliance.

Microprocessor Board

EC's forward-looking system architecture provides universal backward compatibility. Proven components and technology are always used to ensure years of field reliability.

PVF Position Velocity Feedback Option

To satisfy the most demanding ride quality requirements a digital dual-feedback Position Velocity Feedback option is available. PVF provides microcomputer based position and velocity feedback for higher speed geared and gearless elevators in closed loop applications.

Powerful Control Technology that’s Easy to Use
  • Non-Proprietary
  • A17.1-200x/ B44-0x Safety Code Compliant
  • Standardization
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • Field Reprogrammable "personality parameters"
  • Works with Interact™ elevator management, analysis and reporting tools
  • Unrestricted Telephone Technical Support for customers
  • Configure any car to function as a simplex, duplex or group