Elevator Controls leverages decades of engineering expertise, design innovation, cutting-edge technology and good old fashioned know-how to engineer and manufacture complex vertical transportation control systems that are uniquely simple for our customers to install, adjust and maintain.

Established in 1986, is a highly regarded manufacturer of Non-proprietary, microprocessor-based elevator controls. The company has experienced steady growth since inception. Over 30,000 units are in service worldwide.

Our Products

Elevator Controls equipment is engineered and designed using appropriate, proven technology to ensure years of field reliability. Key printed circuit boards are standardized across our entire product line to minimize spare board inventory burden. Our unique design architecture incorporates backward compatibility to eliminate board and software version issues and enable older equipment to be updated easily.

Our Philosophy

All controllers are designed to make installation and adjustment simple and straightforward. Our innovative, simplified system architecture makes powerful technology easy to use. All required diagnostics are provided onboard.

Our Goal

Elevator Controls' goal is to relentlessly improve quality in quantifiable ways. We are dedicated to zero defects through every employee and every process. All production units are tested a minimum of three separate times before leaving our factory.

Freedom To Maintain

Elevator Controls' equipment is Non-Proprietary for universal maintainability. Every controller is equipped with necessary diagnostics onboard. Equipment is designed for easy installation, adjustment and maintenance. Most parameters are field reprogrammable. Easily understandable, menu driven, "plain English" displays are provided. Field-Friendly equipment saves field labor time. Permanent LED indicators help simplify troubleshooting. Many PC boards are hinged to make service access easier. "Meter Free" designs make service technicians more productive.

The Future

What lies ahead? Elevator Controls' design engineers are hard at work developing products for your future. Next generation innovations and enhancements will surely incorporate advances in technology but all efforts will ultimately be measured by their ability to simplify installation, adjustment and maintenance.

Our Standards

Setting standards for "Serviceable & Maintainable" equipment:

  • Diagnostics shall be provided onboard
  • No service tool shall be required for equipment installation, adjustment, maintenance or troubleshooting
  • Spare or replacement parts shall be available at published prices
  • Regularly scheduled technical training classes shall be available at reasonable cost
  • Telephone support shall be provided by trained, experienced technicians, without charge to customers
  • Engineering field support shall be available at the customer's location, at reasonable cost, by prior arrangement
  • All installation, adjustment, maintenance and troubleshooting manuals and documents required for proper equipment operation, including as-built prints, shall be provided with equipment and replacement copies of documentation shall be readily available at reasonable cost
Our History

Elevator Controls Corporation has a proud heritage of engineering expertise and pioneering technical innovation. The company is independently owned and managed by Fernando Ortiz (President & CEO) and Francisco Ortiz (VP Product & Support).

Our Quality

At Elevator Controls, we've put the people and programs in place to support our uncompromising desire to deliver the highest quality products available. We continually measure results to confirm that our demanding internal standards are met.

Our Support

Multi-lingual telephone support is provided by knowledgeable, factory-trained technicians. Product R&D engineers are available to respond to particularly challenging questions. Onsite product and engineering support is available worldwide.

Quality and Supportive